• What are the different courses conducted at your class?
    Homi Bhabha young scientist classes for sixth and ninth std theory exam - classes start from April, May & June.
    Homi Bhabha young scientist classes for sixth and ninth std practical exam - classes start from November December.
    Science Workshops “Science Hunt” (model making) in vacation.
    Short courses for fifth, seventh and eighth std.

  • My child is an average student, is this class for my child?
    Practical, experiments audio-visual way of learning makes learning process easy and enjoyable so the courses are definitely for average students.

  • How will it be helpful for my child in his career in future and school curriculum?
    As the course helps to clear basic fundamentals, learning through practical will remain with them throughout their career.

  • Will it cause extra burden on my child?
    Learning process is interesting and exam pattern is like scholarship or other competitive exam. They don’t have to mug up answers so it won’t be extra burden for them.

  • Can missing a class can be compensated?
    We will definitely try to compensate in other classes if possible.

  • What are the benefits of Anurag Academy over other classes?
    Things learnt by interesting ways last longer students and most important thing is that students try to relate things learnt with the world around them practically.

  • If a student has not given Homi Bhabha exam in 6th std can he give it in 9th std? What are the other competitive exam?
    Yes, student can appear for ninth exam. Other competitive exams are like science Olympiad, unified council etc.

  • Will the student do practical himself?
    Yes students will get hands on experience.

  • My child is not willing to come but I want to send him. What can I do?
    Parents should visit the academy with their children, and then let the student decide themselves

  • What is your main intension in starting Anurag Academy?
    The main interest of the academy is to develop Indian scientist touching the sky, making learning process easy enjoyable.