Welcome to our Academy

Anurag Academy join hands with you to acquaint children with basic principals and processes associated with various environmental phenomena.

We emphasize on learning by doing and observation. We think science through practical experiments has become necessity in today's scientific field. This organization of teaching, experimenting and learning will provide the student with all possible opportunities and hands on experience to explore the world. We will encourage students to participate in different kinds of activities so as to enable them to think, to question, to experiment and seek explanation.

Goal of our Academy
We encourage independent thinking that prompts the students to think deeper. Learning of difficult concepts of each subject by observing and experiments. "Hardwork always pays off....."

We have concentrated on the fact that science is not only inside the classroom, it is also around us. So observing and collecting the things around us is a part of curriculum. We know role of teachers emerges to be very significant. So, we take this opportunity keeping in view their present curriculum.

So of the features of our Academy are:

1. Fully equipped laboratory with all relevant instruments
2. Audio-Visual learning
3. Innovative Science Projects
4. Science Library
5. Learning by doing
6. Greater Consideration on child psychology